“The rare opportunity to do over or redo something. Not so many people have the privilege and opportunity of a second chance, and not all those who have been given the second chance realize or understand it, and when you do not recognize something, how can you appreciate it. Where there is no recognition, realization and/or appreciation, there can be no action.

Second chance is when you have literally lost everything and you are powerless in the face of things around you, and the only option is to “reboot”. When everything you have laboured for suddenly comes to a stand still and there seems to be no way again but to start all over!

Certain illnesses that are terminal have unusual ways by which it exact pain and suffering on the lives of the patients. Cancer, for example, can be an unexpected and sudden affliction that summarily transform the live of the patient within couple of weeks such that, the patient is left completely confused. With a possibility of a second chance, the patient builds up hope and energy sufficient enough to keep him/her ‘afloat’ and going.

To be given a second chance is not something to be taken with levity or carelessness. Not everyone has the privilege. Second chance demands and responsibilities are seemingly higher and greater than those of the normal live. For one, you most likely don’t have any other opportunity left. If you ‘blow’ this one, you are on your own!

To those with greater opportunities are required greater responsibilities. There is no room for excuses as before! It is up to you to find out what your responsibilities are, and to brace up yourself to meet them.

Second Chance

Provides cancer survivors with online resource to manage side effects from cancer treatment, cope with stress, improve health habits, communicate better with their health care teams, ask for support from family and friends, and correct wrong notions which people have about cancer.

It is our hope that The Second Chance, along with the close collaboration of their medical team, can help cancer survivors reduce their disease burden and improve their overall wellbeing.

The Second Chance

showcases, among other things:
-The meaning and causes of cancer.
-Signs and symptoms of cancer.
-Treatment of cancer.
-Coping with cancer.
-Surviving the battles of cancer.
-The art of Caregiving to cancer patients.
-Our perception about cancer.
-Cancer is not an automatic and immediate death sentence.

Visitors to this site can access each of the topics listed above.