Second Chance

“The rare opportunity to do over or redo something. Not so many people have the privilege and opportunity of a second chance, and not all those who have been given the second chance realize or understand it, and when you do not recognize something, how can you appreciate it. Where there is no recognition, realization and/or appreciation, there can be no action.

Second chance is when you have literally lost everything and you are powerless in the face of things around you, and the only option is to “reboot”. When everything you have laboured for suddenly comes to a stand still and there seems to be no way again but to start all over!

Turkey Drive

Due to COVID19 pandemic, we need more donations to meet the demands of members and those going through life challenges. In 2020, we delivered food hampers, COVID-19 essentials, cooked meals, and turkey meals.  Your donation will help meet our target for 2021 and beyond.

African Cancer Support Group / ACSG

Cancer diagnosis is one the most stressful experience in cancer patient’s life. Being in a support group helps survivours, patients cope with emotional trauma caused by the disease. While some people experience shock, anger, and disbelief, others may feel intense sadness, fear, and a sense of loss. Even the most supportive family members and friends cannot understand exactly how it feels to have cancer, this can sometimes lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Healing conference

Healing conference is for everybody who needs healing, either physical, financial, medical, emotional or spiritual. It is about experiencing God’s healing power through Christ, notwithstanding the type of sickness or disease. By coming together corporately, seeking God’s face as one family, we believe the power of God will move among us.

The Oladele Foundation / African Cancer

The Oladele Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization in Calgary, Alberta. It focuses on helping African/Black Cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and others going through chronic sicknesses and challenges of life. We encourage cancer patients and survivors within African/Black community to speak up and by so doing help in demystifying cancer.

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