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The Oladele Foundation's Annual Turkey Meal Drive

Delivering Holiday Hope

Celebrate the spirit of giving with The Oladele Foundation’s Annual Turkey Meal Drive! Every year, we strive to bring warmth and joy to local families facing health challenges during the holiday season. Our mission is simple: to provide delicious, ready-to-eat turkey dinners, lovingly prepared and delivered with care.

With your donation of just $150, you can sponsor a full turkey feast for a family in need. This donation not only ensures they enjoy a hearty meal but also provides a sense of comfort and community support during what can be a difficult time.

Join us in spreading festive cheer and making a real difference in the lives of these brave families. Your support means more than you know.

Every meal sponsored brings:

• A fully cooked turkey
• Heartwarming sides and vegetables
• Delivery right to their door

But our Turkey Meal Drive is about more than just providing food – it’s about spreading love and creating lasting memories. It’s about giving families a reason to smile and feel supported during challenging times.

By supporting our Turkey Meal Drive, you’re not just giving the gift of a holiday meal – you’re giving the gift of hope and happiness. Together, let’s make this holiday season brighter for all. Thank you for your generosity and compassion.