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The Second Chance

The rare opportunity to do over or redo something. Not so many people have the privilege and opportunity of a second chance, and not all those who have been given the second chance realize or understand it, and when you do not recognize something, how can you appreciate it. Where there is no recognition, realization and/or appreciation, there can be no action.

Second chance is when you have literally lost everything and you are powerless in the face of things around you, and the only option is to “reboot”. When everything you have laboured for suddenly comes to a stand still and there seems to be no way again but to start all over!

Certain illnesses that are terminal have unusual ways by which it exact pain and suffering on the lives of the patients. Cancer, for example, can be an unexpected and sudden affliction that summarily transform the live of the patient within couple of weeks such that, the patient is left completely confused. With a possibility of a second chance, the patient builds up hope and energy sufficient enough to keep him/her ‘afloat’ and going.

To be given a second chance is not something to be taken with levity or carelessness. Not everyone has the privilege. Second chance demands and responsibilities are seemingly higher and greater than those of the normal live. For one, you most likely don’t have any other opportunity left. If you ‘blow’ this one, you are on your own!

To those with greater opportunities are required greater responsibilities. There is no room for excuses as before! It is up to you to find out what your responsibilities are, and to brace up yourself to meet them.

‘Second Chance’ is a guide to understanding cancer and offers helpful insights for survivors, fighters, and caregivers. The authors share how to recognize signs and cope with cancer, discussing the link between medical science and faith in treatment.

The book highlights the crucial role of family, friends, and community support.

It also sheds light on the often-overlooked caregivers, especially spouses, and the stress they go through.

Lastly, ‘Second Chance’ talks about life after cancer as a special opportunity — a chance to reshape one’s life, not as a right, but as a unique privilege.

The purpose of the book is to create awareness and to encourage others that our God is still in the business of performing miracles.

Bayo & Yinka Oladele

Reviewer’s comments

– Pastor Ademola & Iheoma Farinu
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“…This book will give inspiration and hope to other people battling with life threatening diseases. We recommend this book for everyone…”
– Rev. Noral Woodburn
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“…As you read through the pages of this book, you will read of a man and his family…who trusted God completely with his life.”
– Mark Williams, Pastor
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“…It kept my attention as I read it. Telling your story will help…those battling cancer and the ones walking with them.”
– Daniel & Marian Ofiuvwo
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“…we can attest to the factuality of this book. This book is an empowering life story, and a must read for enlightenment…”
– Dr. Adeyinka & Oluyinka Marcus
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“This book is a proof. The hope is that readers will be encouraged, strengthened and delivered from this deathly attack called Cancer. God is good!”
– Mr. Wale & Dr. (Mrs.) Juliet Onabadejo, RN
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“This book is a must read. Reading about the concepts from a lived experience brings the meaning closer to home while helping to create hope.”
– Mr. & Mrs. Temitope Esan
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“The Auithor has provided insight to the fact that Faith and Science does not conflict…This is a must read book”.
– Pastors Tunde & Bose Aina
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“This book will give you good understanding about cancer disease.”
– Dr. Abiodun & Caroline Coker
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“The book shows the relevant place of both social and faith… We gladly recommend the book for your reading or gifting it to a friend in need of encouragement.”
– Chief & Chief (Mrs.) Adeniyi & Lolade Akanni
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“The courage, candour and openness with which the Oladeles are dealing with the life-changing event is, in the very least, highly commendable and admirable “
– Mr. & Mrs. Tumi & Kike Aderibigbe
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“We often describe you as an open book and sharing your journey with cancer in this book attest to it.” God bless.
– Pastors Fola and Sunny Adeniyi
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“We will like to congratulate the family for the defeat of cancer in the life of our Brother, glory be to God!”
– Mr. & Mrs. Wale & Bernie Gbalajobi
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“Interesting and educational. The information in the book must be shared with (all) that we can beat cancer.”
– Mr. & Mrs.Phillip & Olubunmi Latilo
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“…this book, tries to assure readers that being diagnosed for cancer is no confirmation of “death warrant.”
– Mr. & Mrs. Derin & Moji Taiwo
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“This book is an educative, inspiring and poignant account of the reality of the cell compositions in the human body”
– Pastors Ben & Dee Adekugbe
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“Reading this book gave us new eye sight similar to one who was blind and now could see.”
– Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Julie Oganwu
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“It is obvious that Bayo wrote this book in an effort to aid other cancer patients.”
– Alhaji & Alhaja Azeze & Adenike Ola-Ojetola
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“This will go a long way in motivating others to remain hopeful and be strong in the face of any traumatic experience.”
– Pastors Samuel & Ilesanmi
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“Permit me to call this book a story of courage and the testimony of how being tough can last tough time.”
– Pastors Olatubosun & Monisola Sowunmi
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“Reading SECOND CHANCE lays out the biblical rationale for believing that God still actually heals today, and that He uses people of faith to bring His healing today.”
– Dr. Julius Adekunle & Mrs. Elma Ogunnariwo
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I encourage you all to read and enjoy and support the efforts of Bayo and Yinka, in this masterpiece – written from the hearts.“