The Oladele Foundation

Oladele Foundation and ASG

Explore Our Support Services

The Oladele Foundation, through the African Cancer Support Group, provides culturally appropriate support services and bridges the gap between the hospital, cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.

Community Education & Awareness

Organizing community education on cancer screening and awareness.

Cancer Support Group

A safe space for members to share stories, receive support, and find encouragement.

House Cleaning

Providing house cleaning services for cancer patients and survivors.

Turkey Meal Delivery

Turkey meals are provided during Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Meal & Grocery Delivery

Providing culturally appropriate meals during and after treatments.

Mental Health Support

Our services offer culturally sensitive mental health support for diverse backgrounds

Phone Calls

Checking up on members during treatment to offer support and words of encouragement.

Home and Hospital Visits

Providing support and resources, including transportation, to patients and warriors.

Complementary Therapy

Offering massages, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and more.

We Are Here To Help

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. The Oladele Foundation is here to help. You are not alone!